Professor Makin A. Mess workshops are a range of  hands-on, fun workshops that introduces younger children to chemistry concepts.   To link in with each school’s curriculum the workshops are available on a range of chemistry based topics including, but not limited to:

  • Professor Makin A Mess…Soluble and Insoluble
  • Professor Makin A Mess…In The Air
  • Professor Makin A Mess…In My Body
  • Professor Makin A Mess…Colours
  • Professor Makin A Mess…Crystals
  • Professor Makin A Mess…Solids, Liquids and Gases

Example: Professor Makin A. Mess…Sticky, Strong and Stretchy

Professor Makin A. Mess is back – we can’t seem to get rid of him and his pesky experiments. This time he is trying to fix a sticky, stretchy mess. Can you help him work out why something went sticky, when it should be smooth? And what he can add to make it super strong? Help the Professor by unlocking the secrets of molecules and polymers to discover the secret to the super sticky and the downright stretchy