All SWISH CAMPBELL workshops are $107 with a 50% Government Rebate* available on application. This does NOT apply to SWISH Tech @ Orana.

The fee policy at SWISH Education is that all accounts must be paid by direct debit within 24 hours of booking.

The preferred method of payment for fees at our centre is through Ezidebit. This will ensure families accounts remain within the centre fee policy guidelines and also maintains the security of your child’s booking at our Centre.

Please complete the attached Ezidebit form and return completed to our office within 24 hours of booking (excluding weekends) via email to

SWISH Ezidebit Direct Debit Form

How to Maximise Your Government Rebate

SWISH Education is an Accredited Child Care Provider therefore ALL families who work or study (15 hours a week) are entitled to at least 50% of their SWISH fees back as a rebate.

While the rebate is a pest to set-up, it is well worth the effort if you are doing a few workshops.

Further information can be found here

* Note

Your actual outcome will depend on your personal circumstances. We have provided this information as a guide only. If in doubt please seek advice from the Department of Human Services.

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