“After several days at the SWISH program we watched our 7 year old daughter’s interests transform and now she can hardly contain her excitement about ancient humans and life on Mars.  While walking with her next door neighbour (7 year old boy), she rattled off the names of the planets and told him ‘I am going to be one of the first people to go to Mars.’  She also wants to build airplanes and rockets and says that is what she is going to do when she goes to university.  Thanks for launching her in this direction!”


“My son Hugh said ‘I like SWISH better than school. The teachers are nice, you get new friends and it’s fun’ ‘At SWISH we made water wheels by ourselves. I had time to test and re-do my own to make sure it worked with water. I think all the kids had fun’.”


“I like science. I liked making my own water wheel and I liked that we used craft to show how it worked.”


“As a parent I thought the program was a great opportunity to bring science to the kids in a fun, informal way through the holiday program. The kids really enjoyed it and talking to them afterwards it was clear they also learnt a lot. On the drive home my son and his two friends were very animated in describing how water turbines worked and how they built it.”