Already have a My Family Lounge account

Please follow the following steps:

  • Go to the SWISH Website;
  • Click LOG IN
  • Use your My Family Lounge Details to sign in
  • You then need to fill in all the relevant fields again as the one form does not travel to every centre.
  • Once you have completed the form – press SUBMIT
  • This will then activate the CASUAL BOOKING CALENDAR on both the computer and the App.
  • Please ensure you register at the correct centre and the correct class as we don’t transfer bookings.

Want to use the other site (Weston) to your usual (Campbell) or vice versa

You need to submit another enrolment form for the Weston creek site first

  • Log in as normal
  • Click on VIEW enrolment
  • At the top where you select the service – it’s on the left – ensure both are selected.
  • Check all info is still correct and then click SUBMIT

This should then open up the Casual booking Calendar for both sites.

Enrolment form Quick Tips

  • Phone numbers all need 10 characters with no spaces.
  • Finding the cells with the red asterisks is visually difficult, look carefully.
  • Click SUBMIT to push data through. SAVE does not push information through to us that you might update.
  • Submit a form for both site at the same time by selecting both in the Centres to Enrol dropdown.
  • Data can be changed or added once submitted.

What are the Workshop start and end times?

We are open from 8.15am to 5.30pm (Weston) and 8.30am to 5.30pm (Campbell) with the core lesson taking place between 9am and 4pm. There are three scheduled breaks that take place throughout the day starting at: 11.30am, 2pm and 4pm.

Do I bring my own food or is it provided?

Children are required to bring their own packed lunch for the day – just like at school. This includes morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.
 Please note that SWISH is a nut and seafood free zone.  Please pack extra food as some kids eat everything quickly and we will now be having a fruit break.

How many children are in a SWISH Workshop?

Workshops have a maximum of 22 children with a qualified teacher and TA assigned to each class.

Can I get a refund if my child doesn’t attend a SWISH workshop?

Unfortunately not. There is no refund or credit once an enrolment has been confirmed, if you change your mind about your child attending or your child is ill. Moving a booking is an option, if there are available places, during the same holiday period only. Please refer to our policies.

Can siblings be together in the same class?

We have no issue with siblings being in the same class if they both fit into the same year group category. We recommend that you book children into their respective age groups as each class is geared towards the respective year. We understand the first time at any place can be a bit scary but at SWISH we ensure that every child has a ‘buddy’ and makes new friends. All children eat and interact together during each break and we find that by first break siblings are just as happy to play with their new friends as they are their family members.

Can we reserve a spot?

Unfortunately not. They only way to secure a place is to book it and ensure you have provided SWISH with your direct debit form so that payment can be processed within 24 hours of booking.
We operate under a non-refund policy so we ask that you consider this before booking.

Is there a Late fee?

A late fee of $5 per minute by the Centre clock for each minute per child will be charged for any child collected later than the Service’s closing time. Parents are asked to complete and sign a Late Fee Notice when they collect their child/children.   

What’s the payment process?

SWISH only accepts payment using the Debit Success Direct Debit form. However, we only take fees when a booking is made.  Payment is processed every Friday, regardless of whether you have completed the My.Gov confirmation.   By completing the My.Gov confirmation prior to billing, this will allow CCS to be applied to your fees (if entitled) thereby reducing the upfront fees to be paid to SWISH.

We strongly advise that if you make a booking with SWISH you ensure your credit card or bank account has sufficient funds available to avoid penalty charges.  We do not control when funds are withdrawn (after being processed on a Friday) from your respective accounts and will not be liable for any penalty charges.

Can Pre-schoolers attend SWISH?

While we offer classes for gifted children and those who need and want more than childminding unfortunately we are not licensed to accept children not yet enrolled in Kindergarten.

Cancellation Policy

We operate under a non-refund policy so we ask that you consider this before booking.

Can I see who else is booked in?

Unfortunately, due to the Privacy Act this is not possible. We recommend that if you wish to book a class with a friend you arrange this between yourselves.

Can I call the Director during the day?

Yes, the centre telephone number is active during school holidays only.

What happens to Lost Property?

SWISH does not keep any lost property.  At the end of each holiday period all lost property is removed from our sites and either disposed of or donated to charity.  On a daily basis we remind students to ensure all their property is in their bags.  If it is left behind after the holiday period has ended, SWISH cannot guarantee the return of any property.  We therefore ask that you do not send your kids to SWISH in expensive clothing or with items you do not wish to lose.