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Swish Education run imaginative, engaging and fun school holiday workshops for primary school aged children
CENTRE OPENING HOURS 8:30am - 5:30pm

Testimonials by our members. Read All

"Emma had a wonderful day in the costume workshop today! She was really enthusiastic and excited about the program before she even got there this morning, and tonight she was animated telling us what she had done in the class. It is great that you provide an educational and interesting program that kids can really get involved in and learn from."

5 stars - Mother of a Year Six Student

"Alex received an award at school yesterday for his fabulous handwriting task - he wrote 3 pages all about the wonderful time he had with 'Mr I Can't Cook'.

Alex never writes 3 pages, so this obviously had a massive impact on him..."

5 stars - Mother of a Year Five Student

"Nick loved his day in the army & has now decided that instead of the Air Force he will drive tanks in the army.

He came home from the program and insisted on cold baked beans out of the tin for dinner as this is what he did at Swish!"

5 stars - Mother of a Year Five Student

"My son did NOT want to go to a holiday program, and he certainly did not want to go to anything that said that he might have to do some work! As you can imagine, I was amazed when he came home and told me that he had a great day. Not only did he go back for three more workshops, but he rang a friend of his and took him along as well. They had a ball...."

5 stars - Mother of a Year Four Student